Commercial Furniture Design and Bespoke Commercial Furniture Manufacture

Bespoke commercial and retail furniture orders.

As well as building furniture for homes I also make pieces for the retail and commercial sectors. Having worked in both areas of business over the years I have a good feel for what is needed to display products or make a place to welcome people in and everything in between.

The commercial furniture process

Communication is the first part of this process but before you do contact me there are three things you need to have a clear idea of.

1: Have a solid idea of what function this furniture needs to have.

2: A design style you are looking for.

3: An ideal budget for this work .

When you are ready for the piece to be made get in touch. There are a few ways to get hold of us, the best way is via the contact page and use the form there. Alternatively contact us via our social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. You can also email directly

Once contact has been established we will hatch a plan that will involve a collaborative design of the piece incorporating all your specifications.

We will get back to you with a spec outline based on what was asked of me which will include a quotation of price for the final design and lead time so you are made aware of all aspects of the build.

My team and I will do our best to always stay within the time frame agreed.  During these unsettled times we sometimes have materials being delayed or a shortage of something we need, if this occurs you will be the first to know.

Once the design has been signed off and the deposit taken, which will be 50% of the total cost, we will order all the stock we need and start work as soon as we can.  

The last thing we will need to do is look at delivery costs. These pieces are delivered and installed by us so we would need to establish a date and time for delivery to you. The cost of the delivery will be based on the logistics involved in getting your build to you.

If you are looking for bespoke commercial furniture and it looks like we are a good fit for your business then contact us now!

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Some examples of our commercial and bespoke retail furniture items.

We were asked to go to Madhouse Tattoo in Stanstead Abbotts Hertfordshire and look at making cupboard fronts for some wasted space under the sloping ceiling along with a front desk and shelves. This all came about as they were remodelling the whole shop. We really enjoyed making all the parts to this and made our customers very happy with the whole project!

"Jim at Metal Machine read our minds and simply gave us what we needed in some cases what we didn't even know we needed. Now we have plenty of storage under the roof where before it was dead space and the front counter and sign are just what was missing and completed the rebuild."

front counter and sign at Madhouse tattoo

cupboard fronts at Madhouse Tattoo

front counter and sign at Madhouse tattoo 2

Lamberts Florist in Welwyn Garden City came to us and asked for three display trolleys which would span the front of their shop front enabling the display of plants and flowers outside to the public as well as storing them in a presentable way so they didn't have to be moved every night on closedown. This build was very big and labour intensive but the end result I was very pleased with. The customers didn't give us a dedicated quote to use but I know they are happy and use them still two years on. 

Lamberts Florist display trolleys

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