Bespoke Furniture Design and Made to Measure Industrial Style Furniture

Bespoke furniture orders and how to get them made.

There are people who cannot find what they are looking for in the marketplace or they may have come up with a concept and now need someone to fabricate it. If this is you Metal Machine can help.

The custom furniture order process

Communication is the key. When you are ready for the piece you have been dreaming of, get in touch. There are a few ways to get hold of me, the best way is via the contact page and use the form there. Alternatively contact me via my social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. You can also email me directly

Once contact has been established we will hatch a plan that will involve a collaborative design of the piece incorporating all your specifications.

I will get back to you with a spec outline based on what was asked of me which will include a quotation of price for the final design, delivery costs and lead time so you are made aware of all aspects of the build.

My team and I will do our best to always stay within the time frame agreed.  During these unsettled times we sometimes have materials being delayed or a shortage of something we need, if this occurs you will be the first to know.

Once the design has been signed off and the deposit taken, which will be 50% of the total cost, we will order all the stock we need and start work as soon as we can.  

The last thing we will need to do is look at delivery costs. These bespoke pieces are delivered by us and we would need to establish a date and time for delivery to you. The cost of the delivery will be based on the logistics involved in getting the furniture to you.

If a bespoke furniture order sounds like it could be a great option for you then contact me now!

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Examples of bespoke furniture design by Metal Machine.

This was a commission given to me by a local family who had an old upright piano left behind when they moved into their new house.

As it was part of the house's history they wanted to keep it but in a new useful form! This is what we did with it and it now sits pride of place in their newly decorated living room.

"Oh, and because of Jim's 'can do' attitude (justifiably based on buckets of talent), he's also built us two sluice gates and transformed on old metal upright piano frame into a stunning coffee table. Quality craftsmanship, fairly priced, excellent service and after sales care. What's not to like?"

piano frame glass topped table


A power couple came to me after they had moved into a new house and were worried that they needed somewhere for both of them to work from home as they both owned their own business. We talked about the small space and what was needed and also that they wanted to use reclaimed materials as they love that look!

"We both love our desk and we can work on it without getting in each others way!"

reclaimed wood and metal framed desk for two people with storage shelves


Nicky wanted a bookcase that was in the industrial style but also needed shelves for her cats to be able to sleep on top but also climb down safely. We wanted to incorporate some mesh inserts in the side panel to add a touch of steam punk and they loved the outcome.

"he's made me gym equipment and furniture, and he's even created stairs and climbing/sleeping shelves for my cats, one of whom has arthritis. He's improved his quality of life and mine too."

reclaimed wood and black metal bookcase


This is my largest build to date and one I'm very proud of. This hand made wooden topped table with a glass insert sitting on a full metal X frame provided quite a large challenge literally as it turned out as it it 3.5 meters long and 1.8 meters wide. I was asked to provide a focus piece that could hold all of the family at Christmas and this one seats 14 comfortably.

"Metal Machine is great. No job too big or unusual. So far Jim has made us a 3.5m dining table (which will comfortably sit 14), a beautiful garden bench and he's currently doing a console table for us." 

wooden topped table with glass insert on a metal x frame


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