Metal Machine From Fittings to Furniture

Bespoke industrial furniture and fittings, designed and handcrafted in Hertfordshire.

I reckon it’s good to stand out and be a bit different. That goes as much for your home and furniture as it does for the rest of your life. And including handmade industrial furniture, crafted from metal and wood, as part of your interior design makes a real statement. 

If you’re looking for a piece of furniture that’s lovingly made from scratch and crafted by hand rather than in a factory, you’re in the right place.

“The desk is awesome, absolutely perfect, couldn’t have hit the mark any better!”


Quality materials, quality workmanship, quality details.

I love what I do and take pride in every piece I create. I use the best materials for the job (whether you prefer reclaimed or new), and I’m meticulous about the finish and quality of the final piece. 

Custom design at affordable prices.

It’s fair to say that these pieces don’t come as cheap as some mass-produced furniture you can buy online. But they’re probably more affordable than you think.

We have a number of pieces from Metal Machine and love every one of them! Every piece has exceeded our expectations.”


I love making the sparks fly.

I’m Jim, the welder, craftsman and maker behind Metal Machine. I’ve always enjoyed designing and making things with my hands, and I spent the last 20 years daydreaming about building things out of metal. It always seemed too hard, though.

That all changed the day I decided it was time to buy a welder and learn how to use it. I took good, strong advice from trusted friends and industry professionals, growing my skills and learning step by step. 

These days I work from my Hertfordshire workshop, hand-making furniture, fittings and all sorts of other bits and pieces out of metal and wood.

I’m more about the metal, so if the woodwork gets beyond me, don’t fear – I know my limits. That’s where my friend and colleague Rick comes in (pictured below.) He’s got all the woodwork know-how you could possibly ask for, so you can be sure the piece I’m (or we’re!) making for you will be top quality. 

“Jim has excellent attention to detail and the quality of his goods is far superior to anything I have seen in any well-known furniture store.”