The Worst Working Day of my Life!

I’m a great advocate of making things happen and following through with your plans to get where you are going but…… yesterday was the worst day of my life!

Melodramatic much? It was my first day as a car welder and if I’m honest, wow I should have done some small jobs before I threw myself in at the deep end!

I have a friend we shall call him Sean mostly because it’s his name and he and I have been talking for a while about me doing the welding on his cars and making me into a car repair guy to help Sean’s busy schedule move a little faster and easier. I went to him and said “ok let’s start the process and get me under a car.

Now I’ve been welding now for 6 years and anyone who follows me knows I make furniture and lots of different kinds of it! So, I was under the impression I could adapt easily to welding patches into cars. Turns out as a lot of my friends had told me ITS REALLY HARD!



So, I started the day realising my MiG welding cart wasn’t finished enough to use so I made sure that the chain I wanted to use to keep the gas bottle on the back while it was being moved around was welded on but the catch I wanted to use didn’t fit through the chain. Being the adaptable guy, I think I am, I saw an old G clamp and saw that this was perfect for purpose and welded that on and all was well! The day started with a win.

Unfinished Welding Cart
chain on welding cart

I went to the garage next door to my unit and wheeled in the trolley and I was greeted by a nice shiny Porsche up on axle stands with her bum in the air and no wheels. The trim had been taken off from underneath and my first thoughts were: “this car better be moved out the way soon as its way too nice to need welding!” Oh, how wrong I was, as my first car to have my gentle welding hand inflicted on it was this nice shiny Porsche 911”

Porsche and trolley

I know the way this should go. Cut out the rot, cut a plate to fit using a template then weld it in and smooth it all out. In theory that’s all good and it was alright up until I tried to weld in the new metal. You can’t weld to rust but you also can’t cut out the whole car and this car needs new sills but that’s not happening. Welding at low amps and speed is a different animal to what I normally do. So bad metal and weird welding just threw me. I really thought I didn’t have a chance of doing this right and to be totally blunt it wasn’t pretty!

Large hole in the Porsche

Sean knew this was my first time, so I leaned on him all day to make all the decisions and we found some solid metal and made extra plates and in the end this job was finished and he was happy enough with the finished job! There is a lesson I had to learn and learn it quickly. You can’t just do new things and expect to get it all right first time. You need to have help to learn the right way things should be done and how its best to handle the new work.

I made the welding work and I found that making the patches was no problem and I’m looking forward to doing more.

patch piece

Practice will make this all easier and its like I’ve said all along on everything. Hard work can make all things happen!

It is good for me to be humbled once in a while and find things hard because it makes me see that I can adapt but I’m not as good as I think I am sometimes! Yesterday was really harrowing as I truly believed I wasn’t going to be able to actually do the job I was being paid to do!

I did finish the work, but the worry and stress made me see this type of work in realistic terms. This situation has provided me with a path for the future.

I’m off to practice my welding on my own van and stop stressing about what I can and can’t do by practicing what I need to do! This in turn will provide me with a strong experience level to carry on with my future plans.
Lucky I didn’t give up yesterday, I wanted to but then the future that I see for myself wouldn’t have a chance to materialise.

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  • Well done you!

    janice Brenda Skilton

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