There is always a reason not to!

I think its time we had the chat! No not that chat ill leave that to your mum or dad. I mean the motivation chat.

Its time to do some honest work and get your hands dirty either actual dirt or metaphorical dirt depending on what your direction is!

There will always be a reason not to get going building your dream. There will always be a hurdle that you think is insurmountable. Life will get in the way of everything you want to do. Your kids need you, your partner needs you or your day job needs you.

My family above help me every day with my dream they understand they may not see me quite as much but they realise its what i need to do to get where I'm going! There will be clashes but you are grown ups you can make it work!

Stop, breathe and realise that there are enough hours in the day to do what you want to do and make it work. You WILL have to make sacrifices to achieve what you are striving for but then you already do that for every other direction your life takes.

Ok so I'm just another positive thinker pushing positive vibes in your direction am I? Why am I in a position to give advice. Well usually I wouldn't, as to be honest I have trouble holding onto the reigns of my life quite often. This time however I know a bit about taking a dream and making it happen because its simple. I've done it. Actually I have done it twice. I don't say this to put myself above anyone but to prove to you dear reader, that if you want something, go out and make it happen.

I'm not rich I haven't made millions and I don't live in a castle in the hills but I have got two businesses. One that I made with a business partner Madhouse Tattoo and the other is Metal Machine that I have made happen. I have had help from people yes but its my drive that gets all the clients and sorted out a workshop a few different times before this one. I made this happen for myself. You can to.

It took me 40 years to realise that welding wasn't magic and just to get on with it and the tattoo shop was made from Dave's talent and both of our desires to work for ourselves on our own terms. Neither of us has gone hungry or lost any kind of quality of life. We have sacrificed time and energy and yes some money but now after 10 years of business we are in a place where we can do as we choose to a greater degree.

Metal Machine is my dream for myself, its a selfish desire to make furniture and metal fixings with my own two hands. I am in a place where I have customers, I have tools and I have a place to work! None of this was easy to achieve but I wanted it and my singularity of direction has born fruit. I get to make furniture I love, see below!

I get to make tables and a host of other products.

I started with nothing no money no tools no place but my home to work in and when the realisation was reached that I wanted to do more of this metalwork stuff I simply made it happen. Ok it was not simple but looking back I see that constantly little steps were taken forward. I bought a tool here, got some scrap metal there. Its taken five years and not everything is perfect. There are still tools that do not grace my tool box and there always will be. The workshop is not purpose built and as I said I am not rich but i am happy with the way things have built and the work has given me a purpose that has kept me away from my demons. 

its not perfect but its a great place to create!

Stop measuring everything by money by the way. I eat, I pay the rent and my family, with the help of my wife working, are all comfortable. I measure my life once I'm past the bills, on my ability to function as I chose to. I don't answer to anyone but my family and myself and I try to provide my customers in both businesses with the best service I can!  

Take the first step to what ever it is you want to do. Make sure its what you really want and make it happen. Get knowledge, find a way to work, there is always a way and make what ever your dream is a reality.

Anyone can do this if they stop thinking and just do it small step by small step!

If anyone is struggling with taking that first step or you feel lost email me I may well be able to help.

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  • Very inspiring Jim. I feel it’s a shame when people judge success on money. The fact you do something you love for a living brings happiness to your life and your family’s. That makes you a rich man. We only live once. Die happy having achieved everything you wanted to in life.


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