I made a table by mistake!?

There are a lot of reasons to make items without a commission involved. We all have to practice our skills so we stay sharp, we need to make things just to see if we can and sometimes things just happen in a break from other builds.

This table happened because I had seen a few butcher's block type builds being done and it intrigued me how the wood pieces would stay together and what kind of texture the different blocks of wood pressed together would provide. As usual I'm jumping ahead of myself, so lets regress to the start.

What is a butchers block made of? It simple its lots of blocks of wood pressed together to form a table top surface. The idea of using bits and pieces to make a whole surface made this interesting and as I had just made and waxed a whole load of blocks for Gemma at Mother Wild to do place sitting numbers on (Check out her instagram.) I was looking at the blocks and decided to cut myself some and band them with some steel flat bar to see how it looked. I also had some square bar lying around, left over from another job and put a little frame together.

I didn't set out to make a table it just happened. That is a cool thing about having a workshop, when the mood takes me I can make what ever pops into my head! 

There was only one trouble with this build. I didn't like it! So for a while I didn't post about it. I have to like what I make to sell it or I genuinely think people will laugh! Silly I know but sometimes your insecurities show their face!

My wife and my friend both said they liked it and to post it so it went up on my Instagram and Facebook! People did like it and  they raved about this table, it was all very strange to me but it taught me a lesson. What ever you make, what ever you think of it, there may well be a customer for every piece and also just because I like something others may not and vice versa!

I decided that I couldn't price it but I had a number in my head for what it should sell for. That price was met almost immediately. 

I posted in onto my Instagram daily asking for people to make offers thinking nothing would come from it but in the end it sold very quickly and the new owner Jane said it was perfect for her house and her family loves it!

Here is the table in its new home and you can see it works well in its new setting! 

Jane is a repeat customer of mine but doing new things is a great way to entice new people to come and see what you do.

Make sure you aren't limited by your own likes and dislikes because if you are a maker you might miss out on providing someone with just what they want.

If you are a customer talk to me about what furniture or metal creations you need and I'm sure I can help you.

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  • Fantastic blog post Jim! I am so thrilled with my table and its background story makes it even more special. Keep on producing even more great stuff 😊

  • Hi Jim absolutely love your different makes. You put a lot of thought into each one. Every success.

    Patsy Dye

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